These wines originate in the fields of Ca’ Ferri S.a.s., Casalserugo…


Ser Ugo Cabernet

owes its origins to terrain rich in scaranto; espalier plantings allow for a limited yield, not to exceed two kilos per plant. The result is a full-bodied, elegant wine offering the notes of green pepper and berry which are typical of such vineyards. The wine mellows for approximately nine months in steel vats, before being bottled.

Serve at around 16 degrees C., as a table wine, with dishes typical of the Po plain tradition.


Ser Ugo Merlot

originates from a bordeaux vine well served by the scaranto-rich soil of Casalserugo. The strictly limited yield per hectare, from spurred-string plantings, allows us to obtain a lively wine rich with flavors ranging from red berry to notes of sweet clover and wild herbs. It mellows for nine months in steel vats before being bottled.

Serve at around 16 degrees C. We can appreciate its elegance as an aperitif, or as a table wine, in the company of roast meat, stews and typical meat dishes of the Po plain.


Ser Ugo Raboso

Veneto Rosso IGT produced exclusively with grapes from the company Ca 'Ferri, grown in Casalserugo (PD) and is made from grapes Raboso with planting density of 4000 plants, after a maceration of about 2 weeks, the wine is aged in stainless steel vats for a year before being bottled. It is a handmade product that expresses the tastes and scents all the potential and the minerality of its terroir of origin.



04. 04. 2014

Il Mattino di Padova

TORREGLIA. Gian Paolo Prandstraller è uomo eclettico, pieno di interesse, appassionato collezionista d’arte. La sua vita assomiglia ad un romanzo, di cui le due lauree conseguite

04. 04. 2014

Slow wine 2012

Storie di Vita, Vigne, Vini in Italia, pagina 459:

Vita – L’avvocato Gian Paolo Prandstraller – giunto a un’età in cui in genere si pensa al riposo – ha deciso qualche anno fa di tuffarsi nel mondo del vino impegnandosi su due fonti, diversi tra loro ma assai stimolanti. Ecco quindi i vigneti sui Colli Euganei, nel comune di Torreglia (la parte alta, quella più

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Vini D'Italia 2012

Le Guide dell’Espresso. I Vini d’Italia 2012, pagina 284:

Colli Euganei Rosso Taurilio 2009:
4 bottiglie 16.5 / 20

“riflessi minerali di timbro vulcanico all’olfatto, frutti neri, palato tondo e succoso,

04. 03. 2012

I Vini di Veronelli 2012

Guida D’Oro. I Vini di Veronelli 2012, pagina 404:
♣ Colli Euganei Rosso Taurilio 2009 (D.T.) 86